Where did the Vikings Originate?

The Vikings originated in Scandinavia. It’s a rather large region and is linked together by it’s culture as well as it’s geographical area. Traditionally we think of the Vikings as being mainly from Norway. Some might include Denmark and Iceland. All of these areas are, in fact where Vikings originated. But other areas in Scandinavia are also places of origin of the first Vikings. It includes the Danish Islands of Zealand, Funen, Lolland and Falster that are west of Sweden and north of Germany. The Islands of Gotland and Oland, Aland Island, Finland and even Sweden were home to the original Vikings. Take a look at some maps and think what it would take back in those times to travel the distances over water or frozen mountains to be able to be culturally linked to each other. Truly remarkable people to be able to live in the climate of the region, survive, even thrive and still meet the “neighbors”.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

“a strong arm kills but a cunning mind keeps you alive”
Giles Kristian 

I’m looking forward to sharing Viking research with you. The culture of the Northmen is extremely diverse and because they lived in a pivotal time in history, there is much we can learn from them. The harsh climate in the North region caused them to be creative farmers to survive, eventually moving farther south and adapting to the cultures they encountered. They valued power and adopted customs, religions and farming methods that made sense to them through the observation of which of all had the most power. Results mattered to them. What can we learn? Let’s begin to discover together.